We are a glass studio.

As humans, we wish to inhabit spaces and are moved deeply by objects that speak to us through beauty. At ChoChoMa Studios, we are a small team of makers who believe that glass has the power to permeate our environment and enhance our experience of the world around us.

We are the only artist-run, hand-crafted glass studio in the UAE.

We custom fabricate glass at ChoChoMa Studios.

ChoChoMa Studios is directed by a tight team of artists, exhibitors, curators, craftsmen, designers, engineers, manufacturers, architects, and makers. We harnesses over 10 years of working with both hot and cold glass across four continents.

We conceive and produce one-of-a-kind handmade works in glass that are not available anywhere else. It is our mission to introduce to the world location-specific installations and captivating glass works.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a city that knows no limitations. As a city of constant growth, we are inspired by the unique energy and ambition that surrounds us. Every day, feats of architecture, engineering, and design are achieved, surpassed, and exceeded in this city. Similarly, we see no limitations to what can be achieved with glass, architecture, and craft.
Not only are we the only artist-run, hand-crafted glass studio in the UAE, we are the only glass studio whose artistic and decorative products are also safely laminated. By working with ChoChoMa to create your next design project, you are ensuring that you are receiving a one-of-a-kind, Emirates-made, handcrafted item.

Meet the crew

  • Anjali Srinivasan

  • Liza Molino

  • Mark Solano

  • Jerome Vallejos

  • Maharana Bhramar

  • Sarbeswar Jally

Anjali Srinivasan


Creative Director of ChoChoMa Studios - Anjali's interest in glass stems from collaboration with traditional craft artisans in India since 1996 on research and design initiatives aimed at socio-economic empowerment, and her experience as apprentice at Pukeberg Glasbruk, Sweden. Following work experience across educational, artists' studios, museum environments and a MFA with Honors at Rhode Island School of Design in 2007, she is currently a full-time artist and the creative director of ChoChoMa Studios.


Liza Molino


Liza Valdez Molino is from the Philippines and supports all studio activities with her extensive administration and accounting experience. When she is not keeping all of us in check with appropriate procedures, Liza is reading, practicing Yoga or meditating.

Mark Solano

Mark has come to work with us at ChoChoMa from the Philippines. An all-around hard worker, Mark specializes in mixing colors for glass stains and enamel paint. When he isn’t offering his skilled services to our studio, Mark can be found watching and playing basketball. He is getting married later this year in Dubai.

Jerome Vallejos

We are lucky to have Jerome with us at ChoChoMa. He comes to us with years of firsthand experience within the glass industry, and even ran his own glass and aluminum business in his native Philippines. A cutting, etching, laminating, and framing extraordinaire, he helps us complete our projects from beginning to end. Jerome likes to spend his time with his wife and his one-year-old daughter named Samantha.

Maharana Bhramar

Maharana is our skilled carpenter. A woodcarver in his native India, he has the precision and ingenuity to build any item we need in the studio, using both automatic and manual woodworking processes. Although his main passion, first and foremost, is wood carving, he also enjoys cooking and spending time with his two children.

Sarbeswar Jally

Jally holds a Bachelor of Arts from his home in India. A do-it-all handy-man, Jally specializes in welding and metal fabrication. He has built many things for the studio, most notably our custom sandblasting machine, which he built from scratch without ever seeing such a machine in his life. We are fortunate to have Jally’s help, knowledge, and positivity here at ChoChoMa. Aside from all of his talents within out studio, Jally is an enthusiastic singer and cricket-player.

Flexibility & Customization

No budget, quantity, or scale is too large or too small for us. If you explain to us what you envision, ChoChoMa can work to make your projects a reality. We have a diverse range of clientele, such as: homeowners, corporate entities, architects, interior designers, contractors, and merchandizers. Our work can be seen in a great variety of settings worldwide, including: private residences, offices, hospitals, public spaces, hotels, and commercial spaces.

Every product that we design for a client is completely unique and handcrafted upon order. There are no mass-produced or inventoried products. We do not repeat our projects across multiple clients. By using ChoChoMa glass for your next project, you are ensuring that you have a work of art that is completely one-of-a-kind and can never be replicated.