The project comprised of three parts for the third floor of the hospital :
(1). A mural based on the hospital's logo featuring a tree of life, to welcome visitors as they step out from the elevator,
(2). A sculptural wall panel at the entrance of the cryotheraphy chamber based on the hospital's -110 ℃ logo,
(3). Printed glass partitions (each 2 layers of 6 mm tempered glass) for four types of examination rooms across the floor - acupuncture, two spinal cord rehabilitations and cryotherapy.

What we did
(1). We developed a decorative pattern based on the tree of life, to occupy the cement wall in the form of 1/2" deep routing. Done by hand, this routing provided a rough bed for the application of glass mosaics in a tight, close manner. Each mosaic, ranging from 12 - 50mm in size, was in fact, a reflective convex lens. By virtue of its curvature, silvered surface and small circumference, each shard of glass acted like a mini-mirror and held in its tiny surface, a miniature image of the person standing at front of the wall; the visitor.

(2). We constructed the logo as a 10 ft H x 4 ft W x 0.5 ft D model in 3 parts. The panel put together resembled a carved block of ice that is solid and prominent at the top but melting and subtle towards the bottom. We used CFL glass, from our green initiative , to create an icy texture upon fusing at 850 ℃ in the kiln. Once the doctors and interior designer approved the model, we embedded the CFL shards in a pool of clear resin, cast in the form of the -110 ℃ logo, and stained the surface of the panel appropriately. We fabricated a strong Stainless Steel frame to contain the object that was installed at the entrance of the hospital's cryotherapy rooms.

(3). We designed three patterns to be translated onto glass panels, one for each treatment area. We printed the approved artworks onto optically clear film, which was then laminated (on-site) onto a 6mm sheet of tempered to-size glass. Two such panels were placed back to back, and to maintain complete privacy between adjacent examination rooms, we applied a layer of light-block in between.


Results (1). A 14 ft W x 21 ft H silver-glass mosaic wall featuring the tree of life pattern that registers both the visitor's presence / movement as well as ambient light conditions onto its own surface, thereby converting a shallow, static and empty landing area into an ever-changing, responsive and engaging foyer.
(2). A panel composed of our three-dimensional translation of the hospital cryotherapy logo, with the provision for backlighting as desired.
(3). Approx 1700 sqft of digitally laminated and light-blocked glass partitions ranging from 2.5ft W x 8ft H - 4.5ft W x 10ft H panels to reflect four treatment areas of the floor.